Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

Child Neurology Resident Conferences

Division Conferences

Epilepsy EEG Conference
Monday 9:00 am
Review of weekly EMU EEGs and clinical cases.

Child Neurology Lecture Series
Tuesday 12:00 pm
Series of formal didactic lectures on specific topic based on educational curriculum.
Supervised by Joanna Blackburn, MD.

Neurobiology Program Interdeisciplinary Talk Series
Second Tuesday of each month 12:00 pm
Series of basic science lectures provided by Northwestern and visiting faculty.
Supervised by Mark Wainwright, MD PhD.

Brain Tumor Board
Tuesday 3:30 pm
Neuro-oncology/radiology/neurosurgery/pathology faculty.

Epilepsy Center Radiology Rounds / Surgery Conference
Wednesday 7:30 am
Internal discussion of the most challenging patients for the epilepsy center. Review and discussion of epilepsy patients that had MRI, functional MRI, SPECT Scans. Surgical planning.

Neurology Clinic Lectures
Wednesday 12:15 pm
Casual talks provided by attendings in clinic covering variety of topics including outpatient neurology, epilepsy, quality improvement, and mentoring.
Supervised by Joanna Blackburn, MD.

Neurology Chief of Service Rounds
Thursday 7:30 am
Residents present cases from the inpatient service.  Neuro-anatomic localization, differential diagnosis, and interesting points from current literature are discussed.
Supervised by Joanna Blackburn, MD and Leon Epstein, MD.

Pediatric Neurocritical Care Conference
Third Thursday 4:00 pm
Monthly topic review with multidisciplinary approach with ICU, Neurosurgery, and Neurology

Neuroradiology Conference
Thursday 8:30 am
(Follows Neurology Chief of Service Rounds).
Supervised by Joanna Blackburn, MD, Leon Epstein, MD, and neuroradiology faculty.

Neurocritical Care EEG Review and Journal Club
Friday 12:00 pm
Weekly EEG's shown and discussed.  Literature-based review of pertinent clinical and scientific topics for NCC service.
Supervised by Joshua Goldstein, MD and Mark Wainwright, MD PhD.

Hospital Conferences

Lurie Outcomes Review
Two times per month
Formal hospital-wide presentation of 2-4 cases with case management, morbidity, hospital systems, medical utilization, cost effectiveness, and ethics discussed.
Supervised by Steven Krug, MD.

Pediatrics Firm Conference
Tuesday 8:00 am
Weekly case based discussion with involvement of multiple medical services.

Pediatrics Grand Rounds
Friday 8:00am
Rotating slate of clinical and research-oriented topics presented by faculty and invited speakers.