Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

Lurie Children's Hospital Fellowship in Pediatric Health Services and Population Health Research

Hosted by the Division of Academic General Pediatrics and the Mary Ann & J. Milburn Smith Child Health Research Program

Leadership and Mentorship:  Dr. Matt Davis (Division Head, Academic General Pediatrics (AGP); Director, Smith Child Health Research Program) serves as the fellowship director.  Faculty members in AGP and Smith Child Health Research are most likely to serve on fellows' mentorship teams, but all Lurie Children's Hospital faculty and potentially Northwestern University faculty may serve as members of fellows' mentoring teams.  Each fellow will have a scholarly oversight committee (SOC; to include mentors and the fellowship director), and we will require meetings q4 months of each fellow with her/his SOC.

Advanced Study:  Physician fellows will work toward an advanced degree besides the MD, unless one has previously been obtained.  The most likely advanced degree to pursue during the fellowship will be a master's degree in health services and outcomes research, offered at NU.  Another possibility is a master’s in public health.

Expectations:  Physician fellows will be expected to complete 3 types of projects during their fellowship years.  One project will be a review (systematic or narrative or policy-focused), another project will be a qualitative methods project, and a third project will be a quantitative methods project.

Areas of Focus:  At the time of application to the fellowship program, applicants are asked to identify one or more areas of emphasis, which correspond with institutional training strengths within LCH and in conjunction with NU:
1 – Children with medical and social complexity, connecting health care across multiple settings
2 – Developmental aspects of children’s wellness and illness, in clinical and community contexts
3 – Preventive aspects of health from early childhood through the lifecourse trajectory to adult health.

Clinical Activity:  During fellowship, physician fellows will be active in the general pediatric clinical setting for one half-day per week in Year 1 of fellowship, and two half-days per week in Year 2 of fellowship.  Fellows will also share on-call responsibilities with faculty in AGP.

Timeline:  Applications will be accepted beginning on October 1 for fellowship entry the following July 1. Each fellowship is expected to last two years.

Application Process:  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis each year, beginning on October 1 until available positions are filled for the following July 1.  Applicants are asked to submit a letter of interest and letters of reference from professional colleagues upon request.  Applicants who have the highest likelihood of acceptance will be invited for in-person interviews in Chicago with several faculty members.

Candidates:  Individuals who are board-certified or board-eligible in pediatrics and completed their residency training from accredited U.S. residency programs are welcome to apply.

Division Head


Matt Davis, MD

Contact Information

Annette Calixto-Logan
Academic Coordinator
Division of Academic General Pediatrics & Primary Care
Ann & Robert H. Lurie
Children's Hospital of Chicago
225 E. Chicago Avenue #16
Chicago, Illinois  60611
Phone: 312-227-6843
Fax: 312-227-9418

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