Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics


The first days and weeks in a new environment, especially one as large and complex as the Department of Pediatrics, can be overwhelming. The Office of Faculty Development is currently working with department leadership to create a more formalized onboarding program. We hope to present all new faculty with a consistent, thoughtful, and helpful orientation experience and supplemental reference material to make for a smooth transition into the Feinberg/Lurie Children’s community.

We will roll out this initiative this fall, and welcome any faculty feedback or suggestions for content. Please contact us with any suggestions or questions.

What our Faculty have to say about orienation:

“We discussed career advancement and found it extremely helpful! Thank you for this great initiative.” ~ Dr. Gal Finer, Assistant Professor, Kidney Diseases

“It was nice to have someone outside my division to meet with….was good for networking purposes. “ ~ Dr. Melissa Smith-Parrish, Assistant Professor, Cardiology

Career Advancement Plan

Download the Career Advancement Plan worksheet to review and develop during your orientation meeting: